How it Works

Initial Consultation
Chef Kirsten will come to your home to discuss how you would like to use her services, including your food likes and dislikes, how often you would like her to visit and what pricing package works for you. This may include arranging a one-time purchase of Pyrex containers in which your meals will be cooked and/or stored. The consultation itself is free of charge.

Chef Kirsten will go grocery shopping the day of the scheduled cook day, purchasing the freshest produce and other ingredients. Since you pay for the actual cost of groceries, you dictate whether you want organic, etc. I am happy to accommodate those needs and will glady shop in your favorite stores near your home.

Meal Preparation
After shopping, Chef Kirsten will come to your home, bring all ingredients, utensils, pots and pans and other meal prep materials. She will prepare the entrees and side dishes you have chosen ahead of time, then package them and place them in your freezer or refrigerator along with heating instructions. She does her own cleanup, leaving your kitchen as she found it – you won’ t even know she was there unless the scent of a home-cooked meal is lingering when you get there.

Cost and Payment
Meal plans and costs can be amended to suit your needs (i.e. fewer or more servings or side dishes, such additional items as baked goods or desserts), but Fresh Chef Detroit’s standard services are as follows:

• 2 or 4 servings of 3 entrees with side dishes: $300 + cost of groceries
• 2 or 4 servings of 4 entrees with side dishes: $325 + cost of groceries
• 2 or 4 servings of 5 entrees with side dishes: $350 + cost of groceries

Bulk pantry items, such as rice, spices, etc., often will be provided at no additional cost to you. A written receipt will be left at the client’s home for groceries.

See the Services page to review what Fresh Chef Detroit offers in addition to regular personal chef services, including small event catering services, hourly rates, cooking classes and giving Fresh Chef Detroit services as a gift.

Locations within most of Oakland and Wayne counties are included in Fresh Chef Detroit’s service areas. Clients more than 25 miles away from Chef Kirsten’s home base are subject to a mileage fee.

Chef Kirsten will determine with each client how services will be paid, though most clients pay by check or cash. Payment via Paypal and the app Cash also are available.

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