What is a personal chef?
A personal chef is someone who comes to your house and prepares meals from fresh ingredients according to your specifications. Though you choose what meals you would like and how much of each item, a personal chef does all of the menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, packaging and cleanup. All you have to do is come home and enjoy!

Who should use a personal chef?
Anyone who either doesn’t like to cook or doesn’t have the time it takes to prepare fresh, delicious home-cooked meals for themselves or their family. This can include singles tired of takeout, busy professionals and families on the go. Fresh Chef Detroit services also can be purchased as a one-time or occasional gift for new parents, the elderly or those recovering from a surgery or a medical condition.

Is it affordable?
Though specific costs are laid out for certain numbers of entrees on the costs page, Chef Kirsten will work with you to find a plan that is right for you. Having a personal chef isn’t just for the rich and famous. If you want healthy, delicious food waiting for you at home once a week, once a month or just every once in a while, we can accommodate you.

If you are considering personal chef services, estimate the amount of money you spend on restaurants/takeout and on groceries (not to mention the ones you end up throwing away) and compare that amount to the cost of personal chef services.  Not only will you find services to be more economical and likely healthier, but you also will have hours of time on your hands you didn’t spend cooking and cleaning up!

How do you determine your prices?
You pay the actual cost of groceries on each cook date (often minus some pantry staples and spices I will always have in my arsenal). In addition to food costs, together we will determine which price plan is best for you, or create one of our own based on your needs. Plans depend on the number of people eating, how much they eat and how many different options you would like on a given date. For example, maybe you want four servings of one entree or you want two servings each of two different entrees – we’ll figure all that out together. For clients who don’t fit into a traditional entrees and sides type of plan, I charge an hourly rate, plus the cost of groceries.

What types of food do you cook?
Chef Kirsten’s focus is on creating fresh, healthy food of all kinds and/or anything a customer may request. She considers her specialties to be vegetarian and vegan dishes, as well as meals for those with special dietary needs (gluten free, low salt, raw vegan, etc.). Fresh Chef Detroit services are perfect for couples or families who have different diets under one roof or would like healthier or vegetarian versions of old classics.

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