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Chef Kirsten’s fascination with cooking began at a young age as a nuisance in her mother’s kitchen. Constantly underfoot and with her face caked in flour, she watched her mom recreate no-nonsense comfort foods that had been passed down generations. Today Kirsten loves trying new recipes with unique ingredients, and her focus on fresh foods and healthy alternatives is part of a modern movement in cooking. She’s come a long way since that first failed attempt at mac & cheese when she was eight, but Kirsten never strays far from the simplicity of her mother’s meals.

Kirsten went vegetarian in 2006 and started documenting her exploration of meat-free cooking with a blog – VegOut Detroit. It wasn’t long before she decided to turn her love of food, her quest for health and nutrition, and her belief in creative, delicious, vegetarian comfort food into a career.

Kirsten attended the Culinary Business Academy, is a member of the United States Personal Chef Association and received her Food Safety Manager Certification from the NSF International. She looks forward to continuing her education through culinary classes and by experimenting with new ingredients and dishes based on the needs of her clients.

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Here’s what Fresh Chef Detroit’s clients have had to say:

“My boyfriend called Kirsten Thursday 5-28 to have her cook Friday 5/29 (my birthday). This was very last minute I made up my own menu which my boyfriend thought it was too much for last minute I  felt like the movie wedding ringer, Kirsten pulled off the golden tux . We were both very satisfied.” China C., Oak Park (May 29, 2015)**

“Kirsten was “fun” she embraced the crazy disorganized environment of my party and eased in, fashioning the menu I* had selected. I could tell she was talented, but I was “chicken” with the menu choice ~ don’t be. Let her have her creative license. Fun, friendly and on time.” Nannette M., Harrison Township (March 4, 2015)**
“Kirsten was awesome! Not only was the food great, but she was very personable as well. She helped to make my proposal magical.” Brandon R., Birmingham (Jan. 19, 2014)**
“I called Kirsten with an almost impossible job — I wanted to eat everything at my own birthday party. Why was this hard? Let’s see: gluten-free, dairy-free, absolutely no chemicals, and a list of food allergies as long as your arm. Well, guess what? She did it! My guests LOVED the food, and I did, indeed, get to eat everything! Highlights were the maple-salmon bites (which people talked about for days afterwards,) the incredible marinara sauce for the meatballs, the black bean and sweet potato chili (a special favorite of the hosts,) and the white bean and roasted vegetable salad, which I discovered tastes even better the next day. She also made 100% natural beverages, which was a real treat for me, because I NEVER get to drink anything fun at events. Kirsten can definitely handle any dietary restriction, and she can make great meals from natural ingredients. I would recommend her for any kind of meal or occasion.” Angelique, visiting Michigan (Aug. 12, 2013)**

“Kirsten offers her clients a number of key advantages.  First, she customizes every dish and will basically make you ANYTHING that you want.  It’s been great.  Second, she’s *excellent* with spices and is very creative with how she prepares and assembles her dishes, so you know that you’re eating well spiced and well prepared food.  Third, the range of dishes that she prepares is outstanding.  One week we can eat a couple of Indian dishes with her excellent salad bar, and then the next week we’ll eat a few Ethiopian dishes, etc.  She’s also great with Mexican food, Greek, Italian, etc.  It’s actually fun thinking about what you want to eat the upcoming week and being creative with the dishes that she’s willing to prepare.  Finally, it’s great that Kirsten is all about healthy, good tasting food.  While my wife and I do eat meat, we prefer to eat vegetarian and it’s great knowing that Kirsten can prepare flavorful and fun-to-eat vegetarian options.” William, Detroit (May 17, 2012)

“I hired Fresh Chef Detroit to cater hors d’oeuvres for a party of about 100 people. Chef Kirsten was phenomenal! She planned a great menu and gave me lots of options every step of the way, from creative ideas for appetizers to costs to serving suggestions (like fresh popcorn served in cute little cups — I couldn’t resist!)…. the food was TERRIFIC; my guests ate well! Her tapenade was TO DIE FOR; she also served this amazing, luxurious amaretto fruit dip.  I trust Chef Kirsten in the utmost and I love her friendly, funny, flexible, go-get-’em spirit. If you’re looking for a true sport, this is your lady. She’ll wow you. (She’s ridiculously affordable!)”  Amy B., Ferndale (Nov. 27, 2011)**

“Wow! The service is phenomenal and the food is delicious.  I can’t say how awesome it was to come home to a refrigerator full of healthy, thoughtfully prepared meals.  When you factor in the time for shopping, prepping and cooking – the cost is really exceptionally affordable!  I can’t recommend Fresh Chef Detroit highly enough.”   — Karen W., Detroit  (May 6, 2011)**

“Thank you Kirsten for saving the day! My husband turned 60 in January and I hired her as a private chef for the party. Not only did she do all of the cooking, she shopped for all of the food, brought her own cooking supplies, showed up on time and even picked up the birthday cake I ordered! The kitchen was spotless by the time she left. I like the fact that Kirsten had great suggestions for dishes to prepare along with things I specifically ask for. The food was wonderful and all of my guest went home very happy. Fresh Chef Detroit was the perfect choice for my event.”  — Karen M., Bloomfield Hills (March 13, 2012)**

“Kirsten has been cooking for my family for over a year and we absolutely love having fresh meals ready to eat!  She will make us whatever we want and will come as often as we prefer.  What an exceptional service!  We couldn’t live without her!”  Sarah B., Milford  (July 20, 2011)**                                                    

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